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  • Friday, January 22, 2010

    Hi I am the owner of this blog and I would like to say that I am not strong nor hot, just very very ego and cheeko YAAAYYY :D

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    Wednesday, November 11, 2009

    Oops sorry didn't have feeling to post the personal dedications =x

    Anw im off to Taiwan from tmr 12th November to 17th Novemeber! Don't bother contacting me :D You can email me but i'll only reply after i come back.

    Bye for now.

    Sleep-talked, 10:41 PM.

    Sunday, November 8, 2009

    After a long blogging hiatus im finally posting. I have successfully graduated thankfully though my science results are not up to standard but i'll work hard. Got an MSG of 1.5 so im really contented already (: Glad that everyone else graduated too and good luck to people taking re-exams!

    This year has been super hectic with loads of work and stuff but we still go through it. Before that i was even wondering whether i could pass the criteria of 3.00 to JC. The 4 years in the high school side have passed so quickly, especially the Sec 3 and 4 years. And soon the class of 3A2'08 and 4A2'09 will have to part just like 1C'06 and 2C'07. Well they have to do it every 2 years =/ Took some photos with 2C'07 and it felt like we had distanced but we could still remember the memories we had as a class. I would have to say 2C'07 is more bonded than 4A2'09. 4A2'09 has many groups of people so the class is pretty separated such as the Ban Luck gang, the study group ppl, the IRC ppl, etc. but i pretty much have good relations with everyone in class, though im closer to the slackers :P The Hainan Camp also helped me make friends with people from 4A1 and I would like to thank everyone who made the trip memorable and fun (: This year's most memorable thing is most undoubtedly ban luck during recess or even in between lessons and in fact everytime we have a chance to LOL. It started small with 10 cent and 20 cent bets but the bets got bigger and bigger. And when we came back from Hainan it even went up to $2 a bet! Those were crazy times but they were fun nonetheless. 4A2 is a very fun class with lots of niao-ing too but sometimes they're abit over though. I guess if it was toned down abit the class will be much more bonded =x If only there was more time i would want to know everyone better and spend more time with the class but too bad we're all graduating soon! Thankfully there's still the 4A2 class chalet and commencement dinner to look forward to (: Let's cherish the last times we have together as a class :O

    Wow long paragraph. I will do the personal dedications in another post. But for now i'll just say i miss the times when we could go to IRC everyday to pool and LAN and whatever. Miss the feeling of going to class in the morning, miss the recess times, miss the times we could go to lunch together, miss the niao-ing, miss the fun times, miss ban luck, miss everything. Maybe we can spread the spirit of ban luck to our jc classes like we did in 4A2 :P Gonna miss high school! Continue working hard in JC and strive for better results (:

    Idk why but suddenly i just feel like staying in high school with all the dirty guys and talking crap. Sounds much more fun. In jc, where there are girls, there are gonna be much more actors and pretenders. Just sounds so fake =/ but it's always like that isn't it? We always have to adapt. Soon after 2 years i'll find myself missing JC and the cycle goes all over again. Its never ending. Whatever we do, where ever we go, there's always something to miss. That's life.

    Enough for my class. Now's for softball. I want to thank Coach in particular for introducing softball in a totally different way. I've learnt alot from you and i think i'll need decades to master all ur techniques :O I would also like to thank B div'09 for the happy memories during training last year's December holidays. Those were good times :D But it's sad that many people are leaving softball in JC and i respect their decision but im still sad. It's okay we'll still be friends (: Thanks Dom for making trainings fun ^^ Without you trainings wouldn't be as good as they are. Glad that you're continuing softball :P And to Lihui and Gideon, good luck in whatever CCAs you are joining in JC :D Welcome back Izumi and Rui Jie! Hope you're coming back too Shi Ping :P love ya loads!

    Sorry that my post is abit messy because i just type whatever comes to my mind. Not writing a composition anyway. But there's just too many people i want to thank for making my high school life memorable so i'll just thank some people.

    Firstly, I would like to thank everyone in 4A2, particularly Daniel, Zhenyi, Ching Hun, Benford, Yong Zhi, Tze Yong, Jun Han, Zhao Xun, Julian for making my life in 4A2 much more enjoyable :D And also Li Ye from 4A1 ^^

    Secondly, I would like to thank 2C and all the teachers who have taught me invaluable life lessons.

    Thirdly, I would like to thank the girls who talk to me and listen to me rant throughout the 4 years. Really appreciate it (:

    Fourthly, I would like to thank the softball people and juniors particularly Dominic, Shi Ping, Kelvin, Marcel, Lihui, Jun Wei, Gideon, Izumi, Rui Jie, Benji, Edmond, Kenny and Boon Yu. Dont think i missed out anyone =x

    Lastly, I would like to thank the Pei Hwa people who came to Hwa Chong and everyone else i haven't named :D

    Goodbye high school! Here's the start of something new? I know this sounds like a suicide note? (quoted from Estee) so i shall end here! Personal dedications in next post. Thanks for those who bothered reading too LOL. Stay as good friends (:

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    Wednesday, November 4, 2009


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    Thursday, October 22, 2009

    one step...

    two steps...

    three steppsss...


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    Tuesday, October 6, 2009






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    Wednesday, September 30, 2009

    This is my most important year. Its time to mug hard so that i can get into JC, get a good subject combi blah blah. But although this is my most important year, it is THE year when i am hit with the EOYs without even finishing revision. Pls help me to get through it smoothly. Between 2.0 and 2.5 will be good enough (: Below 2 will be perfect. Last chance to mug! Time to chiong!!! :O


    Sleep-talked, 12:49 PM.

    Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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    Monday, September 14, 2009

    Hi all. I just hacked Norris' account.

    Sleep-talked, 6:32 PM.

    Sunday, August 23, 2009

    The author of this blog is in hainan for godknowswhat reason so I am blogging for him! There!

    Sleep-talked, 11:31 PM.

    Sunday, August 9, 2009

    Im definitely hotter than the author of this blog. but he does not want to admit it.

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    Monday, August 3, 2009

    Hey I shall update very little from now on. This is due to the exams coming and tests of course T_T So for now i'll just copy paste some interesting comments since i have nothing to talk about.

    bf6067 (6 days ago)
    If he posed a little bit more seriously, he looked like he might have some awesome looking muscles.

    amandad1001 (2 months ago)
    why r ppl dissing this, the guy's hot, he's real handsome

    so what if he's shy, it makes it even sexier

    Guess where that's from. LOL okay bye.

    Sleep-talked, 9:53 PM.

    Monday, June 22, 2009

    Finally bought a new computer for my bro :D Don't need to share my laptop with him anymore. Its time to change tt super old computer finally. It has a super big screen can be TV already LOL.

    Only spent Sunday doing Math. Haiz still got so much homework left. Just to tell everybody so that they think they have done alot of work! I have 4 compos, 5 Math revisions and physics ws and Chemistry MCQ left. Omg so much. I need to clear alot by tmr or else i sure die. Cos i got training 3 times a week (:

    Hmm trainings are getting more fun. No more chalet ppl already i guess :D Been slapping balls. Yea know it sounds wrong. But its improving i guess. Lihui got hit in the balls today though. Ouch. I got hit in the shin on the same spot twice by my bro. And he was pitching at such a close distance LOL. Causing a big swell. Too bad no more already or i can take picture upload. My healing abilities too powerful :P

    So its do my homework or die tmr. Good luck to me!

    Sleep-talked, 10:55 PM.

    Saturday, June 6, 2009

    Okay back to posting. Holiday trainings have started and it hasn't been really productive for the B div so far cos all we are doing is training the sec 1s and 2s. Haha but quite fun luh can anyhow crap. The games we play we all bat left hand still win. Except the left handers who batted right hand.

    And yesterday was DSA for the Catholic High ppl. Omg they're freaking strong LOL. Their pitcher hit over the slope. They anyhow cut the ball also outfield. Tsktsk crazy. So we got rejected by HCJC softball T.T Haha just kidding we're already in DSA :D We were totally wasting their outs. So Coach gave our team 6 outs instead of 3 =x

    After that we all played soccer. We lost 2-1 cos of our ahem very good goalkeeper. And very TALL too. But nvm it was only for fun.

    Haven't done any work so far except article explorer =x Have been slacking the whole week. Need to buck up already man. With trainings on Monday Wednesday and Friday it only leaves me with 4 days to do work. Somemore haven't count the days i need to go out. Haha GG. Hate all the chinese zuo wens and ying yong wens that have to be done ): I better take the time revise my sciences which suck like shit.

    Oh btw pls do not patronise the new fishball noodles stall located at the Bukit Timah market because you will suffer from diarrhoea or however you spell it LOL or even vomit T.T

    Sleep-talked, 3:17 PM.

    Saturday, May 23, 2009

    Long time no post! Been busy studying for IHE History exam these days. Walao everybody exams over already except us so guai lan have one exam in week 10 =.= Nvm after Monday i can slack until i decide to mug again :D Only finished studying nuclear arms, detente and cold war. Still got so many crazy topics =/ Fail liao!

    Anw we went to watch Dancing On Your Grave at Esplanade yesterday. Only second time i've been there =x Okay luh quite funny but sometimes some ppl laugh then i also dk what they laughing about LOL. Must be the vocab too chim i dont understand. Then went to walk around before parents fetched me home.

    Pls let Monday be over quickly!!! (:

    Sleep-talked, 7:39 PM.

    Saturday, May 9, 2009

    Haha okay i decided to give my daughter face and blog :D Hmm havent gone training for one whole week already. GG sure die. Feels weird not going training. Too many tests ): Talking about tests i scared my MSG overshoot 3 T.T Had math test on Friday. Lucky Ms Siew give chance (: Omg my chem got B4. Die la so careless!!! Hope the other subjects can pull up. So far got back Chinese A1 IHC A1 Chemistry B4. Looks good now yea? Temporary only LOL.

    Oh btw the pls bring your temperature thing on my personal message is not because my English sucks so bad but cos SK2 made a brilliant announcement 

    Sleep-talked, 10:19 PM.

    Monday, May 4, 2009

    Oops havent been posting recently cos got alot of tests then no time post =x Actually i think its just largely due to my laziness xD

    Tests so far only hear the good news for me but bad news gonna come soon =/ Good news is IHC and Chinese A1 but those are the only 2 tests i got back. The others confirm screwed la LOL. And my math first test was B4.

    Physics test on Wednesday but im just gonna slack today after the tieution :D Nope i didn't spell tt wrongly.

    Anw i played street soccer for like the 2nd or 3rd time in my whole life today LOL. Anyhow kick? =x Keith MVP!!! (: So zai.

    Im so tired for no reason. Must be the tieution make me think then my brain all die. Tmr i plan to start revising the notes from 4-6 pm. Do the worksheets he went through from 6-8pm then 8pm - 10pm check the answers. Im very sure it won't turn out as planned but its still good to have a plan yea? :D I will prolly skip doing the worksheets LOL!!! Since he went through anw but i'll try to resist the temptation >.<

    Thats all i got to post for now. See u in the next post which is like weeks later (:


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    Wednesday, April 29, 2009



    im happy!

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    Monday, April 27, 2009

    grrrs! norris tan is such a lazy boy!

    anyway, i shall add one post to the count and so i dropped by to say:



    Sleep-talked, 10:38 PM.

    Friday, April 17, 2009

    Okay so after the entertaining post from my daughter i shall talk about my life. Damn sian lo nothing to post =x But its good that this test week is over. IHC almost made everyone crazy before the test and after the test we became crazier :D Sort of a release :P Chinese i think was okay? Her tests are not like the normal tests so i can't really say.

    Today was very slack cos our Math teacher didn't come again. Hmm no comments =/ the rest of the lessons were just doing assignments and listening to teacher. Then went for lunch which was filled with talking cock as usual then go training. Wow i could hit the pitching machine today. Think im improving :D Could finally punch LOL. It better be consistent! Didn't wanna decrease my morale by doing 100km/h like Lihui so i didn't (:

    Went home kinda late today. 

    Thursday's pool was very fun but im now broke T.T I must learn how to save but i can't!!! I think spend too much money eating liao =x


    Sleep-talked, 9:11 PM.

    eh cool! :D it's blogpost number 321! such a nice number!

    i feel so honoured to be able to get access here! (:

    hello everybody!

    this is a serious announcement! (hahah norris tan! like dad like kid. im copying blogging styles!) i would like to warn everyone of norris tan who is awfully lazy!
    he hasnt been blogging for days and days! but on the overall still a very nice dad who helps to blog at my blog :D

    anycase, please tell him that he is gay and he'll soon have a gay blogskin and that its bad genes thats why i dun get differentiation or any part of physics!

    anyway, thank you for wishing me good luck but as i said, his genes are not good!! :(

    and oh. tell him that in order to get a grandson, I NEED A MOTHER FIRST!!

    anyone wants to apply to be my mommy? :D:D

    i have an awfully evil thought of putting my blogskin on this page and it'll be awfully gay!

    and i think its funny how we're lazy to blog on our own blogs but we're blogging at each other's blogs. i wonder how long this mutual blogging will last :P


    Sleep-talked, 4:37 PM.

    Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    Let's blog about Saturday. I know its very lag but no time to blog :D

    On Saturday my mother didn't wanna let me go out to watch movie but i traded with her LOL. I said i wont use msn at night for this year then she will let me go out so nvm since i dont really use msn at night nowadays. Haha so anw I met up with A Div Captain Gideon, Lihui, Jun Han, Qingyang, Edwin, Yue Quan before the chinese drama at night at Victoria Concert Hall. We met at 1pm at West Mall to eat lunch then watched the Shinjuku Incident. Hmm it was NOT BAD LA. Standard reply again =x But quite violent so those who scared of violence like Edwin should not watch it or you'll have nightmares at night.

    After the movie ended at 4pm we still had loads of time because the drama starts at 8pm, so we went to bowl. Wow coincidentally we met the B div Crescent girls there. LOL the place was packed anw but we managed to get a lane. Jun Han is now Bowling Chairman because he tops the group in terms of the 2 games added together. Our scores were damn crap anw LOL. Obviously no bowling talent. The B div Crescent girls were making lotsa noise and they were like hitting homeruns everytime or something. The lane beside us the old men keep complaining HAHAHA!

    We bowled until 6.50pm btw and we thought we were going to be late but we were surprisingly early by 1 or 2 minutes :D The drama was unfortunately super boring and in the end i just took our my ear phone then listen to music from my phone. Damn boring luh everyone was doing the same thing. At least better than sleeping (:

    After the drama ended they left for supper then my parents fetch me home then the end.

    Had jc training yesterday and had to catch for them until 7+. Walao damn sian LOL. Edmond lor sabo me ask me catch for him zzz then in the end he zao early. Poor catchers.

    Week 4 sucks cos got IHC and Chinese test and both need to study T.T Fail liao la.

    In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

    Sleep-talked, 5:54 PM.

    Friday, April 3, 2009


    Sleep-talked, 9:45 PM.

    Monday, March 23, 2009

    First day of school of term 2! So fast Yong Zhi pon school already LOL. Im surprised he actually handed in his physics file =x Haha anw our first period of the term was PE and we had NAPFA test. 5 stations only cos the field was apparently not cleared with chairs and tables still flooding the whole field. Started with sit ups. I did 57 LOL feel so extra especially when i didn't reach 60 zomg. Then sit and reach 41cm. Pull ups i did 9 just to follow everyone. Shuttle run 9.9 seconds (nice number :D) then standing broad jump i did 250cm. Hmm quite okay la everything improved except sit ups hahaha. So its 4As and 1C (:

    Then had the usually boring chinese lesson then physics then IHE teacher nvr come :D After that went for break and played basketball with some jc ppl then had Math and ended at 1.20.

    After school Daniel and 5 others wanted to go Pizza Hut and eat so we followed. Omg it was super funny. When we were ordering Justin noticed got one badge that meant something like if the waitress doesn't smile then got free pizza. Then he go ask if it is true. So after that we keep asking her not to smile. Of course she keep smiling luh smile until mouth gonna cramp hahahaha. But nvm there were other waitresses but then she told all the other waitresses to smile when they got to our table =.= The funny part is when the waitress go serve the food all 7 of us looked at her then she forced one super fake smile HAHAHA. Wth we laugh like crazy. Almost spill out my pepsi >.< The next waitress came then she forgot to smile. Then Kok Leong said,"Nvm la 10 more seconds". WALAO THIS WAITRESS SMILE EVEN MORE FORCEFULLY THAN THE FIRST. LOL wth then we laugh like shit again. After that all the waitresses didn't dare to come near our table i think :D We pwn man. Andy said Pizza Hut next time ban Hwa Chong people liao cos they too smart then outsmart them. I seriously think we're the first to observe that small badge and make them so nervous over it :D

    Oh anw i got a phone scam today saying I won some free photo shoot worth 599 bucks LOL. Wth so stupid then i immediately hang up. Aww i didn't play with him but nvm. I got his number :O What a stupid scammer. Later i report him to police he GG. But i shall let him off (: Peicai won Hwa Chong C div 8-6 anw. Haha not bad luh considering how slack they are =x

    Sleep-talked, 9:21 PM.

    Sunday, March 22, 2009

    Yesterday was Gala Dinner. Happy belated birthday to Hwa Chong :D Anw the food was quite crap so i shan't talk about it. Not filling at all!!! =x Haha anw nobody paid any attention to the ones on stage. I bet they were like WTH!!! But of course nobody cared...not even when the minister was speaking LOL. Everyone was like WHERE'S THE FOOD?

    So anw the most fun part was the photo taking and the toilet trip. I don't have the photos with me cos they're all with others. The toilet trip was fun cos it was dark and the atmosphere was nice :D Dominic started switching off the lights when we were in the toilet hahaha. After that we decided to scare Marcel and hide and wait for him to appear then we saw him running quickly like he very scared HAHA. But of course he denied so we shall give him the benefit of doubt (:

    The dinner ended at around 10.45 then the buses were super crowded. Luckily 852 was not crowded. Love 852 :P

    Today me and my bro went to Ngee An Poly to play basketball again. Then we joined some ppl to play match. There was this super tall guy like 1.9m. Crazy shit. Can't even block him. Haha anw my team were losing 10-6 before i scored 3 in a row to make it 10-9 then my team mate scored to make it 10-10 then i scored the winning one. LOL exciting. The tall guy was like WTH and damn sore loser =x But he's like 40 years old or something and he had his ego at stake la so cannot blame him :D

    Oh man sch is starting tmr. Who agrees with me that we should have more time to slack? (: I haven't even touched my homework!!! =x

    Sleep-talked, 10:23 PM.

    Thursday, March 19, 2009

    C div training tmr and i havent been doing any homework. Grats to me :D Actually not much homework besides the stupid self study topic for math luh but some brilliant teacher say wanna print notes then nvr print then wanna give test :O GG-fied.

    Sleep-talked, 9:15 PM.

    Sunday, March 15, 2009

    My MSG is not bad considering i had competition this term. 2.5 haha. Will try harder next term =/ March hols i will TRY not to slack :D

    Training nowadays are kinda pointless anw cos its the C div's competition. Ah well just have to bear with it for awhile.

    Sleep-talked, 10:44 PM.

    Friday, March 13, 2009

    Sabbatical week! I was in Natural Product Chemistry with Jun Han, Lihui, Clarence, Bertrand, John and CHONG YEE. Haha it was erm quite boring actually but the instructor quite nice la (: Didn't really learn anything cos we were just slacking all the way LOL. The NUH trip was totally pointless and a waste of time (i felt) and i reflected it in the feedback.

    We stayed back for basketball for tuesday to thursday. Improved again :D But everytime sabbatical week improve then later sure deprove again =/

    Went for training after lunch today. Didn't really do anything. Super slack. Didn't even sweat one tenth of the usual amount i sweat during training LOL. Omg man trainings now are boringgggg ): Nvm luh shall just wait for C div competition to end.


    Sleep-talked, 9:25 PM.

    Monday, March 9, 2009


    Sleep-talked, 9:57 PM.

    Thursday, March 5, 2009

    Ah sorry for not updating this dying blog LOL. I shall post a longer one this time. Well hope it can be long! Anw we beat Catholic High 5-4 but we're out of the nationals. Stupid reason. They counted the number of runs conceded. I shall do a review on the scores.

    Win Lose Runs scored Runs Condeded Runs difference
    Catholic High 2 1 6 5 +1
    Hwa Chong 2 1 8 8 0
    Raffles 2 1 4 5 -1

    See from the scores you all should know the better team. But apparently they only count runs conceded. Nice one. Cmmon who wants to see defensive softball =.= But we know we're a champion team in our hearts. This is compared to some teams which i do not want to say who either tyco AND/or like to play things in their favour. So what if you get into the top 4? Will you even be happy EVEN IF you win the championship? I shan't say any more (:

    However i can safely say that Hwa Chong B Div 2009 is a champion team, one of the top teams. Nobody can deny that. Winning is not everything though. Its the experience when we stuck together as a team and put up a fight against the strong teams in Singapore, the experience when we trained hard together in the holidays. All those can never be replaced with just a medal. For acknowledgements can go Dominic's blog ;D

    Anw today we went to watch the finals of Crescent vs Tanjong Katong. Crescent lost 10-6 but good game (: we'll get them next time :D

    Sleep-talked, 8:32 PM.

    Monday, March 2, 2009

    nor is currently emoing 'bout the ra ra raffles win


    Sleep-talked, 10:25 PM.